A poke in the eye for linked data?

We’re creating an interface built on linked data; one particular view provides information about a (Norwegian) foaf:Person and we’d like this to be bilingual. Currently, we’re using data from DBPedia, however, this resource doesn’t have a Norwegian dbpedia-owl:abstract for this particular foaf:Person.

What this means is that while we can find English and several other languages, we can’t get what we need.

This is an issue because we can’t reliably link to anything without having inspected it first; this means that our “trusted resource” isn’t so trustworthy that we can just link to it.

Of course, this open-world entails that we can’t simply assume things about the data, but we still would like to. This means that we suddenly seem like the gnomes that one often hears prattling on about the “brave new world” of linked data on certain mailing lists.

Admittedly, we know the data we want exists somewhere, it’s just not where we wanted it to be. One can only hope that makes makes us at least a bit different to the linked-data decriers.

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4 comments on “A poke in the eye for linked data?
  1. Jodi Schneider says:

    Doesn’t that just mean that you want to generate a wishlist of Norwegian biographies for https://no.wikipedia.org/ ? Sounds like you can automatically generate that, all the better!

  2. kcoylenet says:

    This is actually a “human error.” If there is an English article and a Norwegian article, they are only linked if a human put in the language link. There is some effort at Wikipedia to fix this, as well as to normalize all of the structured data (mainly from info boxes). This effort is called “wikidata”.

    Wikidata is editable (hint, hint), so you could encourage creation of links between articles in the NO wiki and the English (and other) wikis. http://www.wikidata.org.

    Meanwhile, you can add the link between the no.wiki and en.wiki if this does not yet exist.

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