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SWIB13: semantic web in bibliotheken 2013

[This is a brief overview of the content at this conference; I’ll add and edit soon.] Personal overview: I enjoyed this conference immensely because of the people involved – a BIG shout out to Lukas, Martin, Adrian, Felix, Roxana, two

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Of beer and upper ontologies and how they affect modelling

(Warning: this is a chatty, imprecise description written on a plane in a daze!) Lukas Koster (@lukask) from the University of Amsterdam and I were discussing some of the issues in using upper ontologies with linked data. One of the

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The problem of using a “local” upper ontology

In BIBFRAME, Europeana’s EDM, VIVO among others, it’s become a common pattern to use a common data model, often termed a “top ontology”, but more properly for logicians “upper ontology”. At SWIB13, we’ve seen a number of presentations that take

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