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An unusually sensible post about RDF

I posted a ranty post about RDF; based on some of the discussion on the back of that with friends and colleagues, I thought I’d follow up with something a lot less sweary and hopefully a bit more helpful. As

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RDF, it’s difficult, nasty, horrible and I hate it

When something isn’t easy, people are apt to give up. Because it’s easier to just do the same thing again, we don’t move forward. A case in point, this appeared in my twitterstream (HT @InspektorHicks): The Nepomuk project started as

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Documenting CSV with the csv vocabulary

At NTNU, we developed the csv vocabulary to provide a simple vocabulary to document CSV files in a way that wasn’t previously possible. It allows humans and computers to manage and interact with list-based data resources in new ways by providing the

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The W3C vocabulary initiative is arse-about-tit

Phil Archer has posted on his W3C blog regarding future W3C initiatives on vocabularies; he opens thus: When the Semantic Web first began, the expectation was that people would create their own vocabularies/schemas as required – it was all part

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