In the many conversations I have had this week, we have returned to a familiar concept: dogma. There are many people who have pointed this out before — Lukas Koster wrote of SWIB13 that the rise of dogma was a major theme. But, it’s safe to say that dogma works against progress; in fact, it indicates the kind of closed mind that hinders progress.

Dogma is bred from and breeds prejudice. I have technology prejudices: I’m really not a fan of significant whitespace in programming languages or OWL, but I use both every day. In part, my skepticism arises from the dogmatic approach of adherents to these technologies. I’m sure some people think the same of me, but if you know me, you’ll understand that I’m not an adherent of any opposing position, I’m just an unwilling participant at best.

I use technologies that have swathes of dogmatic followers all the time and while these technologies are individually great, they are absolutely not a panacea for all the woes in Web technology. All cases require a mix and match of technologies to provide a working product. Dogmatic belief blinds us to this and we make worse products because of it.

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