So Zepheira’s BIBFRAME editor is here…

The BIBFRAME editor, BIBFRAME Scribe, from Zepheira is here.

That’s great: an editor that accurately creates an RDF from a single vocabulary by drawing on RDF from designated resources.

We specified something like this in this SRS in March 2011, except it was oriented towards drawing together vocabularies of different kinds and populating models with data from distributed resources. The major part of the application was the workflow concept; here was the basis of defining “hey, we need to do this, this is how we think it needs to be done” without reference to RDF. That still seems smart. It didn’t get built because of money.

Would I built it now? Probably not.

I think BIBFRAME Scribe well demonstrates how workflow and the data format being closely tied together makes it easy to create an interface that will appeal to techies and those who are used to cataloguing in that way. It allows you to create a documents in an RDF+BIBFRAME serialization in a one-to-one mapping.

I wonder if we really want BIBFRAME’s implicit workflow at the centre of our applications? Did having MARC’s workflow at the centre of operations pan out well?

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