…and it’s goodbye from me

I am leaving NTNU university library.

I’d like to thank NTNU University Library for meeting me with understanding and giving me the opportunity to work towards goals within linked data and the semantic web. After eight years, I still enjoy working with the great folks at NTNU and the challenges we face together.

Parting with academic libraries is not something I do easily; for all the jokes about change (“how many academic librarians does it take to change a lightbulb?”, “CHANGE!?”), I believe we have come to a transitional point in the domain, where the only way is up. I’ll miss my good colleagues both in Norway and abroad, the conferences and our often intense debate.

I will be keeping in touch, of course, but I will be leaving the environment I have worked in for nearly half my working life. My reason for leaving is simple: a new opportunity arose that I couldn’t turn down with a good conscience. I don’t think any other reason would have made me move.

From August, I will be working with Computas.

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