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My first weeks at Deichmanske bibliotek

So, I have been at Deichmanske bibliotek (Oslo public library) for several weeks now and I felt that it was time to write about our work here. Firstly, I work with a team of nine, where I’m just a pawn

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Bibliographic data: a sickly focus on the wrong model level

It struck me while reading the tweets from DCMI14 that there is an odd fixation on the technology and not the problem the technology purports to solve. We’re seeing “implementation before understanding”. I used to present RDF and linked data

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Data entry as an extension of choose-your-own adventure

[Transparency note: I work for a company that provides services directly related to the mentioned technologies; I attempt to avoid mentioning specific solutions] I wrote a post about some thoughts I had about schemas and schemalessness and how I irrespective

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