Bit surprised to see some people I actually like using #parklife about Russell Brand.

When you take the piss like that, you’re saying that you’ve given up listening to the content and focused on the form. What you’re saying is that you have problems understanding what someone is saying, so it must be nonsense. Maybe you’re also saying that a person with an accent should not use long words. Maybe you’re a bit of an arsehole.

If acceptable discourse may only consist of words of less than three syllables, if all ideas should be understandable by those incapable of listening for more than thirty seconds, then we are quite literally screwed.

There’s a long tradition of dismissing anyone not conforming to the public’s need for trite soundbites, calling their words highbrow waffle and criticizing their mannerisms. We hate experts. “Genius” is most often used as a negative label.

A nice world you’re creating there. One with a good future where we can disregard scientific findings out-of-hand because they’re difficult to understand. And, your ruling classes can confuse you with empty and meaningless-but-easy-to-understand cant.

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