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Is there a Docker in the house?

Tl;dr: You can create artifacts that work as expected and cast them in iron. Shit still happens, just less shit. I am not a nuts-and-bolts sysadmin type, nor am I particularly beholden to any one technology. In fact, I’m a

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Vagrant — are you ready for (reproducible) love?

Tl;dr: Vagrant allows you to create a reproducible development environment that will speed up your development and allow you to collaborate more easily. Like many other people, I have suffered development pains stemming from small, incremental changes in the development

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Criticising Java

I’m aware of many criticisms of Java. These include clear misunderstandings of the difference between Java and Java EE; Java and Java as a in-browser technology; Java and some software that happens to be written in Java; Java and Javascript;

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