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La oss prøve dette…

[English below] Så, her er saken: jeg har fem-til-ti timer til disposisjon og jeg vil gjerne hjelpe noen som trenger hjelp med ting jeg kan noe om. Jeg jobber daglig som technical lead (dvs. programvareutvikling) innen arkiv, bibliotek og andre

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I attended SWIB15 in Hamburg, this is a very brief write-up (I’m no longer contractually obliged). This year’s SWIB made a welcome return to Hamburg, which is a lovely place. I spent Monday at an excellent workshop with Tom Johnson

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The one truth: how to interpret IT discourse

I used to think it was scary to have an opinion about technical things because having an opinion makes you a target for people who know better. Last year, something changed. I realised that strong opinion and vocal disagreement characterise those

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