End: Twitter

I wasn’t an interesting or amusing tweeter; I preferred interaction and it was the lack of this that finally made me leave.

It got boring; gradually moving to marketing-style talk made it unfunny and rather depressing. There’s a distinct lack of nuance in most people’s 140 characters. For that matter, most people’s discussion at all. The realisation that I was a key author of this solipsistic, unfunny, un-nuanced prattle bugged me. It’s not social, it becomes a stream of parallel monologues

That’s the crux of it. Most “communication” happened between me and friends, but there was consistently less of this and more of the fundamentalism that leads nowhere. I will miss talking with international friends, but there are other venues — it turns out that there is a point to conferences after all.

I certainly won’t miss being part of an advertising ecosystem, which Twitter has become.

Maybe not doing social media will leave more time for other things that I enjoy: writing words and software. Who knows?


I managed a couple of months. Addict.

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15 comments on “End: Twitter
  1. bookstofilms says:

    Mate! I totally get it but you will be missed greatly 😦

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  2. It’s a real shame to see you leave, although it is hard to argue with the reasons you give. The fundamentalism, even with viewpoints I agree with, can certainly get irksome. However, your first clause is I think a matter of opinion and I can’t agree with it. I hope Twitter goes back to something like what it was and coaxes you back.

    • brinxmat says:

      Hey, thanks 🙂 I’ll miss amusing chats with you & more serious work-related (or Work related, if you will) stuff. Maybe once my stress level is lower…

  3. You will be missed – echoing the commenters above. While I hope to see your leave as temporary, I’ll catch you through the blog (if you continue to post :c) )

  4. Lukas Koster says:

    You can’t escape me

  5. Aw, now I won’t get to see your biting commentaries on my twitter line. 😉

  6. Ah but who will gallantly defend the good vendors from frustrated, undistinguishing librarians?

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