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CHAIN “dataset”

10 Get a large dataset unthinkingly dumped into a simple format, structured according to easiest-path-out-of-the-database. 20 Get a simple representation of the data in an arcane format, largely maintaining the original structure. 30 Get a dataset based on iterative processing — normalisation, refactoring —

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Evaluating team morale

Team morale is pretty important in large-scale projects; it’s easily neglected and that can have catastrophic results on how developers perform. In many cases, the resilient solo-developer resists the kind of traditional team evaluation that project management tries to foist

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The popular opinion

It’s the popular opinions, not the right ones, that are winners in debates. A popular opinion is a dangerous thing; it will never be challenging and will always be reactionary. A wide base of popularity for an unestablished truth should raise

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