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What does it mean to “provide support for BIBFRAME”?

“System X should provide support for BIBFRAME” Secretive requirements document It’s quite clear from this requirement specification that the system should support BIBFRAME, right? But, what does that actually mean? In order to understand this question, one needs to realize

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A chat with a researcher

I had an interesting chat with a researcher on Saturday night; it seems my library hasn’t been doing its job in the researcher’s opinion. The issue is that the library doesn’t catalogue its special collections appropriately . Now I actually

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A dull child, or, everyone else is doing it, so why can’t we?

Several library technology providers are using the current crop of NoSQL technologies†: OCLC uses HBase Ex Libris, according to their own blurb is an Oracle partner, yet they use a “[p]rudent [mix] of Oracle and Cassandra to reach [their] goals”[source]

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